At the edge of an icy sea, a vast labyrinth rests.

It has been here longer than any can remember, and for as long, it has been the sacred duty of the village witch to explore its depths. It is the night of the solstice, and with the passing of your teacher last fall, it is your turn to take on the mantle of Keeper of the Labyrinth.

Forced to eschew the festivities, you don your cloak and gather your tools of witchcraft: runes, candles, a piece of chalk, a wand, a knife. What rituals will take place within? What is your quarry, waiting in the centre, that your teacher once mentioned? And more pressing, perhaps: what watches you from the darkness?

Your task awaits you.

Keeper of the Labyrinth is a nonlinear interactive fiction game coming to Steam and July 2021.